Friday, 12 August 2011

Little Ricky's Treasures

I'm going through a phase of LOVING friendship bracelets at the moment, and whilst searching around for  inspiration for a post about wedding favours, imagine my joy and utter excitement when I stumbled upon these little beauties!

Cara from Little Ricky's Treasures has a wide variety of charms, and can even source particular ones if you need her too. From charms like treble clefs and feathers, to tibetan love knots and swallows - there's something for everyone. At only £3 each, they'd be a perfect wedding favour for the ladies coming to your big day. If you order over 100, they go down to £2 as well. As you can see from above there is a choice of colours, each having their own special meaning and powers.

If you were to order them for wedding favours, you can customise the gorgeous little card that comes with them as well. I am in love.

Check out these pictures from a recent wedding she's done, I can't imagine how excited the guests must have been. Best wedding favours I've seen in a while. And how cute are the bags?

For more information, just add 'Little Rickys Treasures' as a friend on facebook.

I'm getting one for myself, that much I know.


Becky x

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