Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Save The Date!

'Save The Dates' are one of those American traditions that have wormed their way into British wedding protocol. Hey, I'm not complaining, I love me some yankee traditions, and I'm all for sending things in the post - who doesn't enjoy opening an exciting looking letter?

I decided to do Save The Dates for my family and close friends when I opted for a summer wedding, not only that, it's on the extra long bank holiday weekend, so I knew there'd be a high chance that people would be going away. I guess it's also nice to have something creative to ooh and aah over before you get going on the nitty gritty details of planning the day itself. I searched far and wide for ideas for my wedding. Without giving too much away, I didn't want anything too cheesy, too fussy or too 'done' and finally settled on a sketch design (I should post it up actually. Note to self.)

I gathered images of designs I loved along the way, and have just stumbled across this folder - hence the post. I think it's great for couples to give people an idea of what kind of wedding to expect, is it an informal garden party, a more formal church wedding, a swish evening black tie do, or something super laid back and chilled. You can seriously go all out on these bad boys, but a lot of these the cost is just in the printing.

Here are some of my favourites I found along the way, which one do you prefer?

First up is a fairly typical one, in that it's a photo of the bride and groom to be, with the date they're getting hitched. I don't normally like photo Save The Dates, but I think this one's kinda cute. Plus they're matching. Aww.

I love it if it really represents the couple, so this one immediately caught my eye. I was hoping to do something similar, then I realised that neither me or my fiance like scrabble. Or long words really. But amazing me thinks.

Playing on the phrases people use to get married is also really popular, and for good reasons...check this bad boy out. Pretty clever if you ask me.

And last but not least. Having a wedding in Vegas (or Blackpool?!?!) Love a bit of gambling? Then this scratch card Save The Date will tickle your fancy. Love this one. I'd be so over the moon if I got sent one of these. I bet these are super expensive, BUT I do know you can buy scratch card paint and could probably have a good bash at recreating one of these yourself.

I hope this has inspired you!


Becky x

Monday, 22 August 2011

A Sneak Preview Of Kim's Wedding

Although it seemed the world and its wife knew about everything to do with Kim's wedding, it's still exciting to see it in reality.

Ahead of E!'s Wedding Day special due to be aired in October, they've released some footage. It's not much, but you do see Kim's choice of head piece (I'm not keen) and the bridesmaid dresses (to die for). It's only short, so worth a quick peek!


Becky x

Friday, 19 August 2011

Kim K Prepares For Her Big Day

Unless you've been living under a rock, or don't have Sky, you'll know that reality star and all round sex bomb Kim Kardashian is set to wed her sport star fiance Kris Humphries tomorrow in Los Angeles.
A red carpet regular, there's no doubt that Kim is one of those women who knows how to dress for her figure. Showing off her ample curves at every opportunity, I don't doubt that she'll look banging in, if rumours are to be believed, her 3 custom designed Vera Wang dresses.

Nothing's been let slip about her dress (or dresses), but after browsing Vera Wang's website (here) I'm hoping she picks out something like this...

Similar to the dress that Vera designed for Hilary Duff's big day, I think it would accentuate all her curves, whilst still adding the glamour factor with the big skirt and sequin detail.

I'm almost as excited about how she's going to have her make up and hair (yes I know, I'm a loser). She has the smoky eye and nude lip down to a tee, and I hope she doesn't stray too much from what looks best on her. However, she does experiment with her hair fairly often, so I am intrigued to see what she goes for, natural and wavy, up and chic, long and straight? Who knows. I've picked her fail safe hair styles below. Which one would you like to see her in?

Wedding pictures to be posted as soon as they come out!


Becky x

Friday, 12 August 2011

Little Ricky's Treasures

I'm going through a phase of LOVING friendship bracelets at the moment, and whilst searching around for  inspiration for a post about wedding favours, imagine my joy and utter excitement when I stumbled upon these little beauties!

Cara from Little Ricky's Treasures has a wide variety of charms, and can even source particular ones if you need her too. From charms like treble clefs and feathers, to tibetan love knots and swallows - there's something for everyone. At only £3 each, they'd be a perfect wedding favour for the ladies coming to your big day. If you order over 100, they go down to £2 as well. As you can see from above there is a choice of colours, each having their own special meaning and powers.

If you were to order them for wedding favours, you can customise the gorgeous little card that comes with them as well. I am in love.

Check out these pictures from a recent wedding she's done, I can't imagine how excited the guests must have been. Best wedding favours I've seen in a while. And how cute are the bags?

For more information, just add 'Little Rickys Treasures' as a friend on facebook.

I'm getting one for myself, that much I know.


Becky x

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Kate's Official Photos Released

For those of us who can't get their hands on a copy of American Vogue's September Issue, it contains Mario Testino's shots of Kate and Jamie's Big Day.

You can find the full article from Vogue here which has a selection of shots, including the fabulous guests. But for now, here are my favourites.

Amazing what photoshop can do these days isn't it? Jokes. I still love her.

Becky x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

You can probably tell I'm a bit shoe obsessed at the moment, but I'm a girl, so who can blame me? I've decided that it's far easier looking for wedding shoes than it is for a dress, and since I started my digging, I've found some amazing options.

I'm definitely not going to go down the traditional kitten heel route (sorry Mum!) but that's not to say I'm going to go as far as some of these brave ladies.

Which is your favourite?

Louboutin who? Forget the red sole, your wedding day requires (by law) you to have 'something blue' incorporated into your day, I can't think of a better way than having blue soles, can you?

I love these bad boys, completely doing away with the cream/white/champagne theme that wedding shoes normally take, how about taking your theme colour(s) and going with that? Not arguing, this woman's shoes are to die for.

I saw these shoes a while back and was just waiting for the right way to incorporate them into a post. I can't think of a sweeter way to make close friends a part of your day. Having messages of good luck and congratulations on your soles throughout your special day is practically tear-jerking! Even better, how about getting those who can't be with you on the day to sign them? Beautiful.

Most people will have seen something similar to this before, but I think the crystals look beautiful. I'm looking into where you can get this done, so will post again soon. Would be amazing if there were more word options as well!

To the lady who thought 'sod them all' I'm going to wear by favourite boots. I'm a boot girl, so I'm totally empathising. Wish I could see the rest of the dress, I bet she looks amazing.

Last but by no means least. Who said that if you get married on the beach you can't wear shoes? Check out these feet sandals. O. M. G. Such an inspired idea.

Which ones will you be going for?


Becky x