Monday, 28 February 2011

Kate Chooses Galliano

At least someone's sticking by him!

So she's set the date (apparently July 2nd) and she's picked John to design her dress. What a lucky lady! Here are my favourite wedding dresses he's designed in the past. I'm dying to know what she's going to wear, although it's safe to say she'll look amazing no matter what!


Becky x 

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

Check out these amazing alternative wedding cakes. Who knew you could do all this with just icing? The black and white one would be perfect for a vintage glam wedding, and the gold one. Well, I'd eat all that no problem and I'm not even a cake person! They are all beautiful, I think my cake will be a tricky decision to make!


Becky x


Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Who else was disappointed by this invitation??? I don't think Kate would have been happy with this one, but what can you do eh? And she's having 1900 people at her wedding. That number would send shivers down my spine! Only 66 days to go before we have a new Princess, I'm ever so excited!

Becky x

Friday, 18 February 2011

Brooch Bouquet

I've noticed a recent trend in forgoing the traditional floral bouquet that the bride carries and instead going for a bouquet of brooches. What an amazing idea for a modern bride which adds a vintage twist. Great idea  if you have lots of family heirlooms you'd like to incorporate into your day - and saves money on flowers too. Bonus.

These are my favourite two,  how beautiful?

Becky x

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ring Bearer Bowls

Oh. Em. Gee. Had to post these, check out these amazing ceramic dishes to hold your wedding rings for the ceremony. The company is called Paloma's Nest and you can get them custom made with words of your choice, but they do have some amazing ones in the collection if you're lacking a bit of inspiration.
My favourite is this one, I'm a closet Simply Red fan you see. Plus, the packaging alone would make me purchase one of these bad boys.

(Still thinking about getting the dogs to come down the aisle with the rings though, hmmm)

Becky x

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Urban Outfitters Go Bridal

Well, not quite. The company behind UO have launched a bridal range called bhldn (beholden). I was excited when I first heard the news, thinking I might be able to pick up some gorgeous bridesmaid dresses on the high street, but in fact these dresses are only available in the US and cost upwards of $600, still good value in terms of bridal gowns but hardly high street prices. They do however have some pretty jewellery and hair pieces that are definitely a maybe for me.

Worth paying a visit to their website though. But for now, here are my picks for the best ones.

Becky x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

One For Kate?

I can't seem to find out who the designer is (any help much appreciated) but this is breathtaking....

Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday inspiration

I'm not normally into girly colours like purple, but I've come across some beautiful pictures which might inspire you to think about it as a theme. Throw in a bit of green and it sits beautifully against white. Perfection.

How much could you eat that cupcake right now??

Becky x

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Yet Another Big Dress That's Caught My Eye

Kill me now. What's happening to me??

Suzanne Neville

(Just the bottom, the top not so much)

Becky x

Guest Book Alternatives

We've all been there, after a few too many glasses of champagne and feeling a little bit teary after all the lovely speeches, a Guest Book is passed around for you to write in. You write the cheesiest and soppiest thing you can think of. If, like me, you've ever had the misfortune of reading your message again in the cold light of day, a part of you dies inside. So I've decided I want none of this on my (sorry, our) day. But for some reason people are insisting you have some way of 'logging' who has been with you on your special day. I know I don't want the standard 'sign-your-name-on-a-blowup-picture-of-us' (what the hell do you do with it afterwards? Hang it above the fire?) but I've found some really ace alternatives. Have a wee look. And let me know if you have any more.

First up, a wishing tree (I love this and may just steal it!)

Sign and post a post card (great if you're having a travel theme or planning and long honeymoon)

Polaroid Guest Book (this is a winner if you have a traditional mother to keep happy, plus your ushers can go around taking the snaps and ushering people on)

Or how about marital advice? Let's face it, we need all the help we can get.

Hope this gets you thinking!

Becky x

Friday, 4 February 2011

There's only 1 Kate

If the rumours are to be believed, Kate 'Queen of Fashion' Moss is engaged. This will blow the Royal Wedding out of the water for all Kate lovers amongst us. Taking a look at some of her most famous looks, I'm hoping she goes for something vintage, silky and floaty channeling one of the looks below. Although her love of shorter than short dresses (remember her in Matthew Williamson at the GQ Awards) might prevail. She does look stunning in Marc Jacobs, but it's not wedding appropriate me thinks.

These are some of my favourite looks of hers. Take note of vintage Dior. Amazing.

Becky x

Who said you can't wear studs on your Wedding Day?

These are to die for.

Thank you Sam Edelman!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

This should totally be a wedding dress

Lea Michele - Oscar de la Renta

Becky x

If I had the money...

Antonia & Ronan from reel vision on Vimeo.

...I would definitely invest in Reel Vision Videographers at my wedding. Everyone's seen the boring wedding videos with some dodgy Take That track on in the background, but these guys are effing amazing. I've literally spent every lunch hour for the past 2 weeks working my way through their selection of recent work on their website, if you have any spare time, you should too. Each trailer brings a tear to my eye, what an amazing memory to have of your big day. I've picked Antonia and Ronan's wedding for you to have a watch of.

But for more go to their website.

You'll need some tissues, they're serious tear jerkers.

Becky x

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I'm totally back tracking here

I guess the first post on my blog HAD to be about dresses didn't it? It's all about the dress let's face it. As an avid follower of the grecian trend (I love draping, me), if you even mentioned or pointed at a 'meringue' style dress I would have screamed and run in the opposite direction. HOWEVER, walking past the amazing Caroline Castigliano drew my attention to this amazing Audrey Hepburn-esque princess dress in the window. I had to stop and stare. You can't deny it, it's beautiful. I've since found an elaborate but technically amazing dress from Ian Stewart, as well as a Marchesa dress which makes my heart stand still. Enjoy

Becky x
Caroline Castigliano 
Ian Stewart


What to expect...

Hello everyone!!

So after months of saying this was going to happen, here it is, my very own wedding blog. Excitement. For my first post I thought I'd share a mood board with you of some pretty pictures I've found for inspiration. I just love the natural colours and green looks so beautiful against crisp and clean white. I know loads of people will be thinking how can we spend so much time and money on a wedding, just one day of your life. But it's a very special day filled with love and happiness so why shouldn't it represent you as a couple, and say thank you to those who have supported your relationship, throwing them a bash to end all bashes!

18 months till W-day...

Becky x