Thursday, 10 March 2011

Where To Sit?

For anyone who's never planned a party before, do not under estimate how difficult it is deciding where people should sit. And you think once you've decided on what table they should sit on that would be it, right? Well no, not really, you need to make sure they're sat next to someone they don't despise. Easier said then done.
Anyhow, I'm far from planning table arrangements (haven't even finalised guest list yet!) but I'm always intrigued in the different ways people choose to present their table plan. All the Wedding Venues nowadays offer you an easel to present your board on, but I'm thinking about going for something a bit different.
Check out these fab 4 ideas, which is your favourite? I've got a lot of time for the vintage frames....

Becky x

1 comment:

  1. Table plans are real-life nightmares! I like the second one! But I guess it has to follow the general theme of the wedding??

    PS. put me next to someone good