Monday, 7 March 2011

A Hair Do For Your I Do

I've been completely obsessed with hair recently, I think it's because I'm slowly getting my hair back to a natural colour, but I've been thinking a lot about how to wear your hair for your big day. 
There seems to be 2 schools of thought, the first believes it's your special day, a day you'll never have again and therefore you should go all out, get your make up done and have your hair put up like you've never done before - you're a princess for the day after all aren't you?!
The other camp seems to go by the rule of not going too far out of what you wear/look like on a day to day basis, i.e. why wear your hair off you face if you've never done in the past?

With this debate in mind, I've found some beautiful hair styles which would look amazing on your wedding day, they are special enough to feel like you're doing something different, but not too styled so you look like a different person!


Becky x


  1. LOVE the 1st one :)

  2. I've got alot of time for the first lady. Cool/classy mix. She seems lovely too

  3. i LOVE the first one! it just seems to float... HOW do they get the hair to do that..? that would definitely fall out mid dance, circa 11:30pm, on my wedding day. nevertheless. gorgeous.

  4. That is very true...then maybe the 2nd and 3rd looks would be best? They look a lot more secure xx