Monday, 14 March 2011

It's All About The Dress

So...after months of holding out, I've finally started on the exciting journey of choosing a wedding dress.

My first visit was to a gorgeous vintage inspired boutique, The White Closet, in West Didsbury. I'd head there just to gawp through the window, by far the most beautiful shop I've ever been to, and a very clever use of space. They stock the amazing Claire Pettibone, my main reason for booking an appointment there, and David Fielden whose dresses are to die for. I wanted every single one. Fact.

The windows are beautiful, and I was treated like a Princess, which I found myself surprisingly loving!
I wish every day could be spent there, being complimented more than I have in my lifetime and walking around in dresses that I would sell my left kidney for.

Whether I've found 'The One', who knows, but I hope every girl gets to experience what I experienced on Saturday. I'm still on Cloud 9.

Becky xx

Head to their Facebook page for more stunning pictures

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