Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Design Your Own Shoes?? Hells Yeah!

When my friend sent me this site my heart leapt with joy. How much more fun could you possibly have than designing your own shoes (well apart from handbags, but sadly that remains an unfulfilled dream)?

Having been searching for 'the' dress since March (nope, still not got one, turns out I'm too fussy), the old shoe situation keeps coming up time and time again. There are two schools of thought in the whole wedding shoes issue, the first think that the shoes come once you've found the dress of your dreams, and the second believe in order to find your dress, you need to already have the shoes. Well shoot me down if this doesn't create an extra panic! I'm definitely hanging out in the first camp, I think the dress is way more important than the shoes (don't kill me), no one even sees them for a start! Yikes.

So all this chatter has also lead me onto looking for the perfect pair. I need something with a platform, stilettos are a no go for me I'm afraid. Open toe as well is a must, I'll be marrying in summer after all, always good to get a bit of air down there.

So you can understand my excitement about being able to design my own wedding shoes? They do a special range of Bridal Satin (you can order the swatches beforehand - perfect) and you can choose the shoe style, straps/no straps, embellishment and loads more. I implore everyone to have a go - it's a lot of fun.

This is the shoe I came up with - all over Oyster Italian Satin with a Swarovski Crystal Cluster (well, thought I'd go all out, hey?) and they came to £300, sure it'd be less if you dropped the crystals. In fact, I'm going to give it another go.

Click here to go on the website.


Becky x

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