Friday, 4 February 2011

There's only 1 Kate

If the rumours are to be believed, Kate 'Queen of Fashion' Moss is engaged. This will blow the Royal Wedding out of the water for all Kate lovers amongst us. Taking a look at some of her most famous looks, I'm hoping she goes for something vintage, silky and floaty channeling one of the looks below. Although her love of shorter than short dresses (remember her in Matthew Williamson at the GQ Awards) might prevail. She does look stunning in Marc Jacobs, but it's not wedding appropriate me thinks.

These are some of my favourite looks of hers. Take note of vintage Dior. Amazing.

Becky x


  1. She's my favorite style icon! She's always stunning.
    Love the looks you chose to show!

  2. Thanks Anna, she is amazing isn't she. So many looks to choose from! Loving your blog too! xxx

  3. kate is just amazing!

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