Thursday, 3 February 2011

If I had the money...

Antonia & Ronan from reel vision on Vimeo.

...I would definitely invest in Reel Vision Videographers at my wedding. Everyone's seen the boring wedding videos with some dodgy Take That track on in the background, but these guys are effing amazing. I've literally spent every lunch hour for the past 2 weeks working my way through their selection of recent work on their website, if you have any spare time, you should too. Each trailer brings a tear to my eye, what an amazing memory to have of your big day. I've picked Antonia and Ronan's wedding for you to have a watch of.

But for more go to their website.

You'll need some tissues, they're serious tear jerkers.

Becky x


  1. spectacular. The music, the anecdotes, how it was shot... humbling and incredibly un-tacky! Please FIND the money to do this!xx

  2. If I'd had a big wedding, my dream video would have been more along the lines of:


  3. Love that one Mat!! Looks like most of the guests are in the entrance as opposed to in the seats! xx

  4. Freakin' love these videos! Just watched 5 in a row...whoops xx

  5. Claire - have you watched Nia and Charles' wedding? The most beautiful wedding ever. It makes me cry just thinking about it! Glad you're enjoying them though! xxx