Thursday, 30 June 2011

Wedding Rings

So, I'm not actually looking at rings for myself yet, I think that's something that can wait nearer to the wedding, but some really interesting and unusual wedding rings have been catching my eye lately. It turns out that, although the tradition is to have a plain band, that doesn't mean your ring can't be a little bit unique and special to you.

The first ring is definitely vintage, a beautiful simple gold band, but with ancient love symbols. I love the slightly bashed gold. I also love thinking about who was wearing it before, such history is always romantic.

The second ring is just a simple engraving that I'm sure you could get engraved on any wedding band, but the words I love. "Put Me Back On". Amazing. Would bring a smile to your face every day. Lovely.

And last but not least. Who doesn't like a secret message? Yoon Jung Yun definitely does. The messages are inside the ring and imprinted on your finger when you take it off. Such a simple and sweet idea, yet no one's thought of this before. Check out his website here, and look at his amazing site, the most popular message seems to be 'always', but you can design your own too.


Becky x

P.s. I am GIDDY about Kate Moss' wedding tomorrow, will update you as soon as images come through. Although, she's signed a deal with Vogue, so we may be waiting a while. Boo.

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