Monday, 18 April 2011

Home or Away?

Preparing for my impending holiday to New Zealand has got me thinking about the age old question when it comes to location...home or away?

For us it was quite a tricky one, we've been lucky to have some amazing holidays to far flung exotic places which hold really great memories, as well as trips around the UK with special meaning to us, but when it came down to it, home won. How come? I guess. You'll find very few weddings where none of the guests have to travel, there's always going to be a few pesky relatives who've relocated, but to ask everyone, the whole shebang, to travel, stay in a hotel, book flights even, well that was too much for us. And weddings are a family affair aren't they? (so everyone keeps telling me anyway)

Part of me will always wish I could have the whole bare foot wedding in the sunset thing, although I've been bridesmaid at one of those shindigs so I guess I should let go of that fantasy really. But what's not romantic about sea breeze, the salty air and the cocktails.

I've put some images together which make me swoon. I love the coconut drinks idea...I wonder how you could incorporate that into a windy and rainy English summer wedding hmmmm....


Becky x

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